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Buy Paydirt We have been in business online selling Natural gold nuggets and rare gold specimens as well as paydirt since 1999. Goldbay.com has now grown to the point at which we decided we needed more specific websites for each of the niche things we do.

We of course sell paydirt and you can buy paydirt right from this site. All the paydirt we sell is guaranteed to have the stated amount of gold and 100% natural nuggets and flakes. Our motto is “where the gold rush never ends……” and you will find all of our paydirt satisfies that passion and urge.

What some of our customers are saying

“I have been buying paydirt online for over 5 years and I have just never found any better deals anywhere.” Eric S – Seattle WA

When Dave started motherlodegold.com many years ago I bought my first ever gold nugget, and then I started buying paydirt, I wont spend my money anywhere else” Ralph – Down South

“If theres anything at all to complain about with Daves paydirt its just that sometimes shipping is a little, slow, however its always WELL worth the wait, I have never found any better deal, or paydirt anywhere else” Scott P – Reno

“Bigger gold nuggets is all I can say, nuff said” Scott A – Redding CA.

Awesome bag of dirt, definitely happy with it and will be using them again” Paydirt Review on Youtube by Evomasher

“This is one of the top 10 seller of online paydirt” Gold Paydirt Reviews on Youtube

Whats new

The biggest thing you will notice is that this site is simple, clean and everything is basically on 1 page. No fuss, no muss, no frills, no chills, just down to earth, simple way to buy paydirt online.

We have been at work streamlining our shipping and processing operations, we are now committed to being the #1 seller of paydirt online. We have a new easier to use website and a new processing facility. Our orders are now typically shipped same day (or 2nd day) and the slow shipping complaint is a thing of the past :-)

Whats this TRADE UP thing?

We believe we are the only online paydirt sellers who offer this deal, you can TRADE your finer gold nuggets and flakes that you find in your paydirt for BIGGER gold nuggets! All you do is tell us how much Trade paydirt goldsmaller gold you have that you want to swap for larger nuggets and for every 1.15 grams of fine gold we will send you a 1 gram nuggets (or maybe 2 that = 1 gram)! We can swap for gold nuggets as big as 1/4 ounce in size. Isnt the whole idea behind panning for gold finding that big fat dream gold nugget? This picture is of an actual nugget that a recent customer traded 2.3 grams of fine gold and dust for, it weighed 2.03 grams!